Exploring the Success of UK Brewers Cup Winners: A Journey Through Past Rankings

  • by Barbara Croce
Exploring the Success of UK Brewers Cup Winners: A Journey Through Past Rankings

The United Kingdom has long been a hub for coffee enthusiasts and connoisseurs, with its thriving coffee culture and dedication to perfecting every cup. One of the most anticipated events in the UK coffee scene is the Brewers Cup, where talented baristas showcase their mastery in brewing coffee. Over the years, we've witnessed a succession of winners, each leaving their mark on the competition and the global coffee community. Here's a journey through time as we explore the past rankings of the UK Brewers Cup winners and their remarkable achievements.

2011 - James Hoffmann - Square Mile Coffee World Rank #2

James Hoffmann's victory in 2011 marked the beginning of a legacy that would resonate throughout the coffee industry. Representing Square Mile Coffee, his skills propelled him to the second spot on the global stage. His dedication to the craft set the tone for future competitors and showcased the UK's potential as a coffee powerhouse.

2012 - James Bailey World Rank #5

In 2012, James Bailey took the crown, securing his place among the top brewers in the coffee world. With a fifth-place global ranking, Jame's performance highlighted the UK's consistent presence among the top coffee brewers globally.

2013 - Sang Ho Park World Rank #4

Sang Ho Park's victory in 2013 elevated the UK's position even further. With a fourth-place world ranking, Sang Ho demonstrated his expertise and added to the growing reputation of the UK Brewers Cup champions.

2014 - Sebastian Stephenson - Colonna & Small’s World Rank #19

Sebastian Stephenson's accomplishment in 2014 showcased the diversity of talent within the UK coffee scene. Representing Colonna & Small’s, he secured a commendable 19th place globally, contributing to the UK's recognition as a contender in the international coffee community.

2015 - Gordon Howell World Rank #7

Gordon Howell's triumph in 2015 solidified the UK's presence at the forefront of the coffee world. With a seventh-place global ranking, Gordon demonstrated the exceptional caliber of brewing skills nurtured in the UK.

2016 - JEREMY CHALLENDER - Prufrock Coffee World Rank #9

Jeremy Challender's victory in 2016 continued the UK's streak of excellence. Representing Prufrock Coffee, he secured a commendable ninth-place ranking in the world, further establishing the UK as a force to be reckoned with in the coffee community.

2017 - DAVE CULLEN - Clifton Coffee Roasters World Rank #18

Dave Cullen's success in 2017 showcased the diverse talents that make up the UK coffee scene. Representing Clifton Coffee Roasters, he earned the 18th spot globally, underscoring the UK's consistent presence among the world's best baristas.

2018 - LISA-LAURA VERHOEST - Climpson & Sons World Rank #35

Lisa-Laura Verhoest's victory in 2018 continued the tradition of excellence in the UK Brewers Cup. With a global ranking of 35, she demonstrated the unwavering commitment to quality that defines the UK's coffee community.

2019 - LEWIS MAILLARDET - Mavam World Rank #36

Lewis Maillardet's success in 2019 Representing Mavam, he secured the 36th spot globally, contributing to the UK's continued presence among the top-tier coffee nations.

2021 - Matteo D'Ottavio World Rank #10

Matteo D'Ottavio's victory in 2021 marked a return to the top ranks of the global coffee community. With a tenth-place world ranking, Matteo's success demonstrated the UK's ability to consistently produce exceptional coffee talents.

2022 - Sierra Wen Xin Yeo - Rose Coffee Roasters World Rank #22

One of our favourite performances of all time Sierra Wen Xin Yeo's victory in 2022 underscored the UK's commitment to pushing boundaries in coffee brewing. Representing Rose Coffee Roasters, she secured the 22nd spot globally, reaffirming the UK's status as a significant player in the international coffee scene.

2023 - Luca Croce - Gold Box Roastery World Rank #4

Luca Croce's recent triumph in 2023 highlighted the UK's unwavering dedication to excellence. Representing Gold Box Roastery, Luca's remarkable forth-place global ranking solidified the UK's position as a powerhouse in the world of coffee.

From James Hoffmann's groundbreaking victory to Luca's recent accomplishment, the UK Brewers Cup winners have consistently showcased their dedication, innovation, and mastery of the craft. As the years go by, one thing remains clear: the UK's coffee culture continues to flourish, leaving an indelible mark on the global coffee community.


2024 - Luca Croce - Gold Box Roastery

In 2024, Luca Croce demonstrated once more why he is a force to be reckoned with in the world of coffee. Representing Gold Box Roastery, Luca Croce showcased his passion for the art of coffee brewing. With his back-to-back victory in the UK Brewers Cup, Luca Croce has now firmly established himself as a household name in the global coffee community.

Luca's remarkable journey from the 2023 victory to his recent win in 2024 is a testament to his unwavering commitment to coffee excellence. 

The UK Brewers Cup has a rich history of producing exceptional talents, and Luca Croce's double victory demonstrates the remarkable talent that the UK continues to cultivate. His achievements highlight the dedication, innovation, and craftsmanship that define the UK's coffee community.

As we celebrate Luca Croce's victory in the 2024 Brewers Cup, we look forward to witnessing how he will continue to contribute to the world of coffee and inspire future generations of baristas. His journey is not only a personal triumph but also a reflection of the vibrant and dynamic coffee culture in the United Kingdom. Congratulations to Luca Croce, the UK Brewers Cup Champion for 2024, and may his success inspire coffee enthusiasts around the world


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