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Great tasting coffee begins with the best beans, but it's the art of roasting that's essential in producing the perfect cup

Barbara Croce, Founder


Roasted with Passion.
Perfected by Science.

Do you want to buy specialty coffee to drink at home? Need better coffee for your business? Perhaps you’re in the mood for a Hambela flat white and a French caramel tart or a Bolivia Caranavi espresso and a patisserie-style blackberry cheesecake?

Welcome to a new concept for Newcastle. Gold Box is the city’s first and only commercial roastery / coffee bar. It’s specialty coffee, but not as you know it. Inside, we’ve designed the space to merge urban industrial design with the clean white lines of a designer concept store.

And with the gentle whir of the Probat roaster behind the glass in the coffee lab, and the smell of dark chocolate, hazelnut and sweet aromatics in the air; It’s the perfect place to meet up with friends, over a pacamara pour-over. Do business. Or, treat yourself to a large slice of me-time with a seat in the window and a cold brew espresso tonic. We are expert Coffee Roasters.

Global Expeditions

Planting seeds of inspiration and growing relationships

It’s the creativity, warmth, and mastery of the farmers we meet along the way that inspires our approach to specialty coffee. They’re the real heroes of our trade. From Ecuador to Bolivia: Kenya and Ethiopia, each new origin we visit teaches us something new. Reinvigorating our passion to create coffees as unforgettable as the locations they originate from.

Sourcing the beans

Cherry-picking the cream of the crops

It’s not simply the country of origin that factors into the flavour of your coffee. Everything from the altitude it’s grown at, to the soil and the techniques used to farm it can distinctly change the flavour. We only select ripe beans from altitudes where they grow at their finest to bring you incredible coffees with chocolate to fruity notes, and everything in between.

The Roast

Fruit, flowers and bags of flavour

Roasting coffee is an art form. That's why we use watercolour paintings to represent the complex flavour profiles of each new specialty roast. But instead of colours, we use a palette of flavours; from brown sugar, jasmine and dragonfruit to blackberry, nutty caramel - and everything in between. With some of the most refined palates in the coffee industry, each one of our rare and distinctive roasts is a masterpiece.

the brew

The gold is in the detail

You can try our coffee a number of ways from visiting one of our Coffee Roastery’s, to ordering online from our shop. You can also try our coffee in one of the many outlets and cafe’s we supply around the UK. Get in touch to find out more or follow our journey on Instagram.

Award Winning

UK Brewers Cup Champion


UAE Barista Champion

2015 / 2016 / 2017 / 2018 / 2019

World brewers cup 4th place


Cup Tasters Champion

2018 / 2019


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