Gold Box Roastery X Snapchat

  • by Barbara Croce
Gold Box Roastery X Snapchat

Coffee at your event ?
Are you planning to offer a coffee service at your event ?  Look no further than Gold Box Roastery to manage your full coffee service.  
We are pretty stoked to announce that we recently teamed up with Snapchat on their highly anticipated product launch.
It was an fantastic day, and our team's expertise and passion for coffee was clear to see.  

At all our coffee events, we take pride in delivering unforgettable experiences that cater to the preferences of your guests.  From corporate gatherings to brand launches and private celebrations, our team understands the importance of creating an atmosphere that leaves a lasting impression.
With our award winning team, you can rest assured that every cup of coffee served will be meticulously crafted, showcasing the artistry and precision of our baristas.

One of the highlights of our collaboration with Snapchat was the opportunity to design custom templates for lattes. Our talented team of baristas brought Snapchat's brand identity to life on every cappuccino.
Guests were delighted to see their favorite Snapchat characters and elements topping their lattes, creating a playful and Instagram-worthy experience. The custom latte templates not only added a touch of personalization but also sparked conversations and encouraged social media sharing, amplifying the reach and impact of the event.

When you choose Gold Box Roastery to manage your coffee event you gain access to a team of exceptional baristas who have achieved world class honors in the coffee industry. Our barista team includes the UAE Barista Champion, UAE Latte Art Champion, and UK Brewers Cup Champion. Their expertise, passion, and dedication to their craft can be seen in every cup they serve. From perfectly balanced espresso shots to beautifully poured latte art, our baristas elevate the coffee experience, creating a memorable sensory journey for your guests.

Our recent collaboration with Snapchat on their product launch is a testament to the quality and creativity we bring.  So, whether you're planning a corporate event social media event private wedding or party, trust us to deliver a great event. Contact us today the roastery to discuss your requirements 


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